Neurofeedback is the next evolution of treatment in the ever growing research on the benefits of neuroplasticity - the ability of the mind to create new pathways and connections between nerve cells. This means that the brain has the ability to heal itself through changing old processes and creating new ones. One of the mediums through which we use to take advantage of the brains healing ability is called neurofeedback. 

Your Brain Needs Exercise

Neurofeedback has been coined "exercise for the brain" where a trained therapist will walk through exercises to help the brain become more balanced and to understand areas that cause excitement and disruption in the brain's processing. We will look at how your brain outputs different wave frequencies during each session, and based on this information we can immediately begin to change thinking patterns.

When the brain receives feedback it can begin to understand its own processing and therefore finds ways to change ingrained patterns - leading to a healthier mindset and neuro resolution. 

High Tech

State of the art sensors are used to measure the electrical frequencies that your brain outputs (alpha, beta, delta and theta waves). This information is fed into a computer which analyzes your baseline output. Next, you go through a series of exercise and monitor changes in these waves throughout the session to better understand your brain's natural tendencies. From here you will be guided to change your brain's tendencies and immediately see the feedback from your work as the wave frequencies being to regulate on the monitor. 

Kaka trained in neurofeedback for brain disregulation including anxiety-depression spectrum, attention deficits, behavior disorders, addiction, PTSD and emotional trauma disturbances. She is mentored by Rob Longo, LPC/NCC, and is pending her BCIA certification.

Tennessee Neurofeedback

Tennessee Neurofeedback is our local clinic in Nashville with offices located in the Brentwood and Midtown areas. Neurofeedback is a ground breaking method used to guide the brain towards sustainable change and train the brain how it should respond to stimuli. The brain has a remarkable way of healing itself, and neurofeedback can give your brain what it needs to help you reach your full potential. 

Complex trauma, PTSD, anxiety, depression and other cognitive and emotional conditions are common responses to stress on the brain. Sufferers often feel overwhelmed, exhausted and fatigued by dysregulation present in the brain. Neurofeedback can help guide the brain to change how it responds to stimuli that disturb our physical or mental equilibrium, while giving the brain what it needs to make those changes permanent and sustainable.


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