Brain-based psychotherapy approach using the field of vision to find where individuals are holding trauma and negative experiences.

Utilizes precise eye position and bilateral sound simulation to induce the brain towards a state that is more willing to effectively respond to therapy.

Intense processing to further understand and resolve deeply held issues in an effective manner.

Array of techniques and approaches that are easily modified to any individual’s needs. More focused and efficient processing and healing for any level of client difficulty.

Kaka is certified and master trained in brainspotting.  She is supervised by therapy pioneer, David Grand who discovered and created the procedures.  While brainspotting has become extremely popular world wide and in some areas of the United States, it is very new to Nashville and there are very few in this area trained on the technique.  Kaka has invested heavily both in training and resources to develop her skills in this important approach. Kaka enjoys the support of David Grand and will continue her training and personal supervision by him.